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Every man’s favorite is back!! We look forward to hearing more of your success!! Gres Koulev- Haiti is a truly treasure box of resources and remedies and we have discover many things include real natural male enhancement that works . Our Gres Koulev paired with our Gres cacao are two strong remedies that is sure to give you the best results... this has been working for centuries enhancing our island men. You too can be benefit from our great product. The most powerful male enhancement product in the world. This formula is said to have been Discovered in Haiti centuries ago. This product is used for length and girth! No need to warm this product up!


Frequently Asked Questions – Gres Cacao/ Koulev/ Anaconda


Q: Does this product work?

A: Yes, it does. We are not a scam. We have REAL proof from our clients this products works.


Do not buy the product if you are not serious about your growth. You have to be consistent. Follow directions, don’t mix our product with other lotions & oils. all of our products must maintain it’s balance. We have a member site with weekly workouts and videos to follow along with. Please be committed. We want to have more success stories as we know you will tell a friend and refer us 😊



Q: Do it work for everyone:

A: No, it does not, as much as we get a lot of success stories, we also found that most people who have a blood disorder tend to not get a lot of gains, people who are extremely unhealthy. There are some people it just wont work for and if any company tell you their product works for everyone they would definitely be lying to you.


Q: What makes ours better than what is out there?

A: Our product is truly a game changer; it is specially formulated with our Secret herbal blend from the traditional Gres Cacao/ Gres Koulev in order to provide better results in a shorter amount of time. All of our reviews are real and from real customers. Please be aware of imposters…


Q: Are the results permanent?

A: Yes, the results are permanent. However, we have to maintain. You don’t need to keep buying the product but you need to keep up with your blood flow. Your penis is a muscle and need to be treated as such.


Q: Where can you see before and after picture:

A: On our Twitter @ erosnectar, Please note ALL of our review are 100% REAL from REAL clients. None have been altered by us.  Also Follow us on IG for Daily post.


Q: Do you need all 3 products to get results?

A: No, choose which ever product make you feel the most comfortable.


Q: What product do you have: and benefit of each  product

A: Cacao- most people grow an inch within 30-60 days with the cacao, stamina, boost sperm count, permanent gains. Make you thicker long

Koulev- Length, strengthen existing muscles.   

Anaconda- help make it longer, thicker, boost your stamina, produce elasticity in your skin- most see result in 2 weeks with this one.

Please note not all benefits are promised -it varies from person to person




Q: Does the product work without the pump/ Aloe Vera?       

A: Yes it does, however we are requiring the items in order to get maximum gain. Pump help promote Blood flow.



Q: How soon will I see result-

A:  2-4 weeks you should start seeing results.

Veins, heaviness, girth, length, you will also notice when you ejaculate you will see more flied


A: Which pump is best for me?

9 inch- electrical

12 inch- Manual

The Manual pump is better to handle for beginners.

The Electrical pump is a bit more difficult to handle especially when you have oil in your hands.

Per FDA, pump are usually safe however, please don’t use a pump of you have a blood disorders


What comes in the starter packages:




Tongkat ali powder- helps with stamina, vitality and increase testosterone

Bigger pump sleeve



Will directions come with the order:

Yes, you will have two link one for free- with picture and explanation and one for the membership with videos and weekly 5 week workout- we are working on the 10 weeks now. Will be released soon.



Q: Why do I need to show my ID?

A: It is our store policy to ask for an ID. We have this practice in order to protect both our company and clients from fraudulent activities. Some of you may get an email from us if our payment processing department flag you as a potential fraud alert. It doesn’t mean you are, but we have to check just in case so we don’t loose money and product.


Q: What happens if I don’t provide my ID?

A: Your items will NOT be shipped out and we will refund your money.


If you notice we don’t have a question to answer here, DM me. However, please note any question pertaining to “how to use the product” WILL BE  in your directions. Wait till you get your directions as most if not all questions will be answered there. 😊


This product have not been evaluated by the FDA, please consult your doctor if needed.

Gres Koulev AKA Mandingo Oil

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