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Spirulina Powder – 5.5 oz. is rich in vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy and feeling great. Studies have found that spirulina can help with the following: Weight loss, improving gut health, lowering fasting blood glucose levels for people with diabetes, reducing blood pressure in overweight people suffering from hypertension, boosting metabolism, and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.


It can also reduce allergy symptoms like nasal inflammation and histamine in the body. It even has anti-toxic properties that can help when you’ve consumed toxic things like arsenic, lead, and mercury. Plus, it has been used to treat depression and anxiety. One study theorized that spirulina is a source of tryptophan, an amino acid that supports serotonin production. Many with depression and anxiety lack proper serotonin, so spirulina can help treat that symptom. Spirulina is a wonder powder that can bring you relief from your health issues. Try spirulina today and see all the amazing benefits for yourself.

Spirulina Powder – 5.5 oz.

SKU: 00456
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